Soda maker Gin and Tonic using Homemade Tonic Water

Soda maker Gin and Tonic using Homemade Tonic Water

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Create homemade tonic water. Use your soda maker to carbonate.

Looking for a drink of choice over the upcoming festive season? Here’s something you can make at home.

Last week we showed you how to make a London Dry gin. Now, this week we’re going to show you how you can craft a homemade Gin & Tonic. Using a soda maker and our recently launched Tonic Water Flavouring Kit, you’ll create a clean & refreshing tonic with a well-balanced sweetness & acidity, hints of lemon and a delicate quinine bitterness.

Find it at your local home brew shop.

You’ll need:


- Soda maker unit with >250g cylinder

- Soda bottle (1L)

- A sealable bucket or jerrycan with a tap ( >20L capacity)


- Filtered water (19L)

- Tonic water flavouring kit

- Gin of choice


 Make the Tonic Water Flavouring

  1. Ensure the bucket or jerrycan is cleaned and sanitised.
  2. Add 3L of filtered water to the bucket or jerrycan.
  3. Open the Tonic Water Flavouring Kit. Add the contents of the packets into the bucket or the jerrycan.
  4. Swirl (with lid closed) or stir with a clean and sanitised spoon to dissolve the tonic flavouring. 
  5. Top up to 19L with filtered water.
  6. Swirl (with lid closed) or stir again ensuring ingredients are fully dissolved.

Carbonate the Tonic Water

Please follow the next set of instructions closely to save tonic and cleaning time. 

  1. Fill the soda maker bottle (1L) with tonic water.
  2. Install the filled soda maker bottle into the unit. 
  3. Press the button quickly for a short burst.
  4. Wait until the bubbles have settled.
  5. Quickly press the button again for a short burst.
  6. Once again, wait until the bubbles have settled.
  7. Repeat until the pressure releases indicating the correct carbonation.

Put it all together

  1. Add a shot of gin to a tall glass with ice.
  2. Fill the glass with carbonated tonic water.
  3. Add garnish and enjoy.

Consume your newly made tonic water within 3 weeks of making it.

We hope you enjoyed the process of making a G&T at home with the Tonic Water Flavouring Kit and a soda maker. There are many more recipes and helpful articles to explore. Read more here.

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