Still It: Air Still Pro Review

Still It: Air Still Pro Review

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Jesse from Still It is a much loved and trusted distiller, who posts distilling content on YouTube every week. His channel discusses things like how to get into the hobby, recipes, techniques, safety procedures and more. This week’s video is an Air Still Pro review.

In the video, Jesse will let you know about the features and benefits of the unit, how the unit performs in terms of ABV, where it fits in the distilling equipment market, and who the Air Still Pro is most suitable for.

Check out the Air Still Pro review from Still It below:

Air Still Pro Features & Benefits

The Air Still Pro is a home distiller’s dream, with a multitude of safety and automation features, the Air Still Pro is both and easy to use. Featuring temperature control, automatic foreshots collection, and automatic shut-off in reflux mode. In pot still mode the user has the ability to choose when to turn off the unit themselves. 

Craft high-quality light and dark spirits utilising the mode selection for reflux or pot still mode. Distil up to 90% ABV in a single run utilising Reflux Mode – great for producing a neutral spirit for flavouring or use the purpose-built botanical basket to make vapour infused gin in Pot Still mode. This unit produces up to 1.125 L of 40 % ABV spirit per distillation once diluted and can also be used for distilling water and hydrosols.

The Air Still Pro is compact, with a 4 L boiler, making it easy to move and operate from a kitchen, boat, or campervan. Water is required for cleaning equipment and for making a wash, however, the Air Still Pro is self-cooled, requiring no additional water for cooling during distillation.

Already have an Air Still? Get all the benefits of the Air Still Pro and eliminate the need to purchase the full Air Still Pro system with the Air Still Pro Head Unit, which is sold separately.

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