Profile Range

Whiskey Spirit Flavouring Craft Kit

A selection of Profile Range flavourings and adjuncts to build whiskey style beverages. This kit provides a recipe booklet and all the tools needed to formulate your own favourite evoked tastes, or experiment to create a genuinely unique taste sensation.

Oak Cask Flavouring, Sweet Vanillin Flavouring, Peat Smoke Flavouring, Astringent Notes Flavouring, Fruity Esters Flavouring, Cereal Notes Flavouring, Carob Notes Flavouring, Cedar Oak Flavouring, Whiskey Profile A Flavouring, Whiskey Profile B Flavouring, Whiskey Profile C Flavouring, Whiskey Profile D Flavouring, Distiller’s Caramel Adjunct, Glycerine Adjunct x 2, Pipette, Syringe, Syringe Extension Tube and Recipe Booklet

Shake the 50 ml (1.7 US fl oz) bottles well before use. Follow the individual instructions in the Craft Kit recipe booklets or experiment to create your very own, uniquely flavoured spirits.

Profile Range Astringent Notes Flavouring: Water, stabiliser (E422), flavourings.

Profile Range Carob Notes Flavouring: Water, stabiliser (E422), natural flavouring, colour (E150a).

Profile Range Cedar Oak Flavouring: Stabiliser (E422), water, natural flavouring.

Profile Range Cereal Notes Flavouring: Water, stabiliser (E422), flavouring, colour (E150a).

Profile Range Distiller's Caramel: Colour (E150a) (sulphites), water.

Profile Range Fruity Esters: Water, stabiliser (E422), flavouring.

Profile Range Glycerine: Glycerine.

Profile Range Oak Cask Flavouring: Water, stabiliser (E422), natural flavouring.

Profile Range Sweet Vanillin Flavouring: Water, natural flavouring.

Profile Range Peat Smoke Flavouring: Water, flavourings.

Profile Range Whiskey Profile A Flavouring: Water, stabiliser (E422), flavourings (barley, milk).

Profile Range Whiskey Profile B Flavouring: Stabiliser (E422), water, flavourings.

Profile Range Whiskey Profile C Flavouring: Water, stabiliser (E422), flavouring (sulphites).

Profile Range Whiskey Profile D Flavouring: Water, stabiliser (422), flavouring, colour (150a).

Allergens included: Sulphites, barley (contains gluten) and milk.

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