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Air Still Essentials Distillation Kit

The Air Still Essentials Distillation Kit enables you to prepare and ferment your wash, collect distillate, dilute, filter, and flavour your neutral spirit with various Top Shelf Flavourings.

Note: The Air Still Essentials Distillation Kit does not include the Air Still or the Air Still Pro.

• Easy to use
• Produces a sugar wash ready to distill in 7-10 days
• Ideal for creating neutral spirits for flavouring

• Wash: Produces 8 L sugar wash for distillation
• Filter Type: Container Filter
• Capacity: 1 L 40% ABV spirit (1 US qt)


• 12 L (3.2 US Gal) Fermenter with Stick-On Thermometer
• Carbon Filter & Collection System
• Mixing Spoon
• Ceramic Boil Enhancers
• Hydrometer
• Alcometer and Test Tube

Wash Ingredients & Consumables

• 1 x sachet Pure Turbo Yeast Nutrient (78g)
• 1 x sachet Turbo Clear (65g)
• 1 x sachet Turbo Carbon (54g)
• 1 x sachet Pure Turbo Yeast (10g)
• 2 x 1.2 kg Dextrose
• 50 ml (1.7 US fl oz) Distilling Conditioner
• 3 x 50 ml (1.7 US fl oz) Top Shelf Flavourings

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