Turbo Carbon is designed to work with our range of Turbo Yeasts and is added to a wash straight after pitching yeast. It's internal pore structure removes impurities that are not removed by post-distillation filtration, aiding in producing a cleaner, smoother tasting neutral spirit.

IMPORTANT: Always use Turbo Clear after fermenting with Turbo Carbon to remove solids from the wash prior to distillation. If Turbo Clear is not used, impurities trapped by the carbon will be released during the boil.

1 x 140 g (4.93 oz) Turbo Carbon

Before opening, massage the sachet to ensure it is lump free.
Add immediately after adding your choice of Turbo Yeast.
Stir well to disperse.

Water, activated carbon, thickener (E415), preservative (sodium metabisulphite).

Allergens included: Sulphites.

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