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Granulated Carbon

A granulated carbon to aid in the removal of congeners, colour, some off flavours, and some off aromas in distilled spirit.

During fermentation: use 15 grams per litre of wash and leave in wash for 7 days.

Post-distillation: use 25g-75g per litre of spirit. For best results dilute the spirit to below 50% before using this carbon in a filter for polishing. Allow to slowly drip from your filter or to sit in spirit for 7 days, stirring briefly, daily. Rinse before use.

• Can be used for neutral or flavourful spirits
• Larger pore size which increases flow rate*

*This leads to a lower cleaning power, unless you are able to control the flow rate of spirit through the carbon

• 1.5 mm granule size

• 1 x 500 g Activated Carbon

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