Distillers Range Brandy From Fruit Recipe

Distillers Range Brandy From Fruit Recipe

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Whether you're drawn to the robust notes of grapes, the delicate fragrance of peaches, or the crispness of apples, this DIY brandy-making adventure invites you to be the master of your own flavours. Get ready to uncork a world of creativity and indulge in the rich, satisfying experience of crafting your very own fruit-infused brandy at home.



Pick Your Favourite Fruit:

1.      Start by selecting high-quality, ripe fruit that appeals to your taste buds. Experiment with different fruits to discover unique flavours. If you're using thin-skinned fruits like apples or berries, blend them into a puree. For thicker-skinned options like oranges or watermelons, scoop out the flesh, puree it, and add about a third of the skins to the mix.

Prepare Your Fermenter:

2.      Boil 7 L (1.85 US gal) of water and add it to a temperature-safe fermenter, maintaining a temperature around 73°C (163°F).

3.      Stir in dextrose until dissolved. Let it cool to around 60°C (140°F), then add Glucoamylase and rest for an additional 60 minutes.

4.      Add in yeast nutrient, top up the fermenter to 20 L (5.28 US gal) with cool tap water, and add yeast and pectinase once the temperature drops below 30°C (86°F). Ferment at 20-35°C (68-95°F) for optimal results.

Wait for Fermentation:

5.      Once the airlock stops bubbling and the specific gravity stabilizes for two consecutive days, your fermentation is complete.

6.      Allow the wash to stand for 1-2 days to let remaining solids and yeast settle. Consider using Turbo Clear to speed up the clarification process.

Distill Your Brandy:

7.      Siphon the wash into your still, leaving sediment behind. For best results, use a pot distilling system like the Alembic Distilling System or the Air Still Pro in pot still mode.

Note: a reflux distilling system can be used but will not produce optimal results, remove saddles from the column to avoid refining the brandy too much. Refer to your distilling system's instructions for detailed information.

Aging Your Brandy:

8.      After distillation, you'll have a rich, clear, colourless spirit. For optimal results, age your brandy on medium-toast French oak. Fill a demijohn or similar container, add a spiral, and regularly taste your brandy until it achieves your desired level of oak flavour.

Enjoy the rewarding process of crafting and savouring your homemade brandy!

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